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Master Your MINDSET & LIFE

Hi! I’m Nicholas Tung

With over 14 years of Business Development and Sales and Marketing experience in the business industry, Nicholas Tung, a series Entrepreneur based in Singapore has acquired and sold several businesses from various industries.

His past clients include Royal of Brunei, Singtel, M1, Starhub, Facebook Singapore, Mediacorp, CPF board, PUB, Chuan Lim Holdings, Teho International, Resort World Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Tissot, BMW Singapore, Audi Singapore, CNB, DBS Bank Singapore, F1, Yun Nam Hair Care, New York Skin Solutions, London Weight Management, Jean Yip, Sentosa, Garden By The Bay and many more..

Our Testimonial

Justina Peck

Business Owner

Nicholas is extremely different with his approach. He spends alot of time speaking and nagging at me to get focus on my basis core. He delivers the highest level of teaching in the most unorthodox level. I am on track to hitting my 7 figure biz with only 2 months with his support. I will be looking forward to the next step..

M.N Shurky


Nick has been a really great trainer. With the different expertise that he has under his belt, he has allowed me to better understand the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, sales and many more. I can assure that Nick cares about his students a lot by giving them value that’s not found anywhere else.Nick is an unorthodox trainer.

He teaches & shares with us beneficial knowledge and skills that is relevant, and can be put to use today and in the future.

Shaun Cheng

Business Owner

Nicholas is Super friendly and well versed in his knowledge. He spends a lot of effort and time speaking to me and getting me prepared on the journey of entrepreneurship. As I am super new to the industry, the way he guide me along is way different where he uses life experience to tell you and make sure you understand.

Glen Chew


Nicholas has a very different style of training compared to other leaders in the industry, Also with his vast amount of experience in many different fields. He trains people with passion and integrity. I’m currently undergoing Personal development training with Nicholas and till date he already has point out all the different paths which hit the mark.

Yap Jun Chen

Business Owner

Nick is a very knowledgeable mentor whether in his field of digital marketing or in business. He’s knowledge of how different business models and industries operate, provides so much value and key insights. Learning from him will not only season your sales skills but also, ultimately, learn to deliver maximum value to your workplace or as an individual.

Lim Teng Yee


Nick is a very knowledgable mentor. He has vast knowledge over different business industries and even sales. Outside of teaching, he is also a very brotherly figure to me, teaching me different life experiences and how to be a better person. With his continued guidance, I am very sure i can enter a successful path of entrepeneurship.

Josh Lee


Nick is an unorthodox trainer.He teaches & shares with us beneficial knowledge and skills that are relevant, and can be put to use today and in the future.