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EDG certified consultant singapore

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) grants eligible businesses in Singapore to be funded for up to 70% for SMEs and up to 50% for non-SMEs. Businesses can tap into various EDG grants by Enterprise Singapore Government to further elevate their business. In order to obtain the highest success rate and support from the EDG grant, companies would need to consult EDG-certified consultants who are competent in your industry in all core capability areas. Unfortunately, it is mandatory for all companies to engage certified and recognized management consultants to perform such duties.

This is to ensure that strategies and plans devised will benefit your company in a long run. Possible challenges can be flagged out and anticipated, thus your business and your EDG-certified consultant would be able to set up infrastructures to help address any issues and possibly mitigate any losses, especially financially.

An EDG-certified consultant is certified by the Singapore Accreditation Council which is recognised in 80 countries.

Accredited certified bodies are able to develop and run certification schemes for management consultants that are aligned to TR 43:2015 / SS 680:2021.

Engaging in EDG-certified consultants would expose businesses to individuals who possess adequate know-how, competence, and professional and ethical conduct to provide consultancy services, in accordance with TR 43:2015 / SS 680:2021.

EDG Certified Consultants need to have at least 10 years of business management experience with at least 7 to 8 years of specialising in branding and marketing.

As such, most EDG Certified Consultant does not attain their certifications through studies but rather through strong standing portfolios and rounds of interviews and exams.

With that, EDG Certified Consultants would be in a better position to further provide advice for your business due to their reliability and professional knowledge. 

An EDG-certified consultant aids in checking the company’s eligibility for EDG grants and providing support for the successful application of grants. The consultant will provide services such as the pre-preparation and submission of grants to try for the highest percentage of co-sharing financial subsidies/ assistance from the Enterprise Singapore Government.

The EDG Certified Consultants will offer technical advice and expertise to help SMEs grow and add value with the help of subsidies. The consultant aid businesses to obtain the necessary strategies to ensure desired business growth and improvements in their core capabilities/competencies.

The research will be done on target audiences, customers and competitors. Detailed analysis will be done on the current state of the company to propose the best business strategies to boost performance.

Hence the implementation will be fine-tuned exactly to the needs of a business. There is an assessment of internal and external factors of the company and a gap analysis of the company.

Every EDG Certified Consultant will ensure for the smooth application of grants to implementation and claims.

Have been engaging Nicholas for a year and he was tasked to monetize my business - which I have tried to think of ways to shift and expand. After I heard his advise, I am satisfied and love working alongside with him.

Shawn Teo

“Mr. Tung has been an external consultant to our company Unitest for more than 3 years. We have worked closely and consulted him on various items such as sales management and digital marketing!"

Roger Tan

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