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Business development consultant singapore

Business development is defined as the creation of value for a business. It can be summarised as ideas, concepts, initiatives, and activities to make a business more profitable or competitive. The role of a business development consultant from Singapore includes targeting areas such as sales growth, business expansion and stronger profitability.

At times, a business development consultant investigates the future that may be mapped in the following three to five years. The idea of choosing a business development consultant is to ensure that the consultant’s business logic is strong.

Business development encloses various roles that include project management, vendor management, product development, sales management, marketing management and creative conceptualisation. – Strategic Business planning.

The measurement of success is how quick and wide a business can expand exponentially and each method creates sustainable business growth.
A business development consultant is key in looking for a good fit between a product or a service and a specific market demographic.

The business development consultant plays an important role in helping businesses identify their weakness and actualise opportunities for growth.

A business development consultant will need to understand gaps, prioritise the risk of a business and find sustainable solutions and provide new product offerings to the market. Bearing in mind to create a long-term value for the business to be profitable and successful for growth.

When a business is faced with a challenge or wishes to expand, it is essential for the business to identify, acknowledge and look for trained individuals to solve it. Good problem-solving culture equates to successful business operations.

As soon as the businesses can identify the gaps, business is able to better understand and evaluate their strategies to realign and relook into current approaches and strategies.

Especially in this rapidly changing environment, businesses would benefit from engaging a business development consultant to minimise and foresee any negative impacts from their constant engagement with multiple clients from various industries.

The business development consultant will be best to advise on how the business can move forward in the most appropriate way that leads to the long-term sustainability and longevity of the company.

A business development consultant’s core strength should be able to sniff out possible dangers, and a profitable market arena and be quick to identify and devise new strategies in your business such as new market segments and even introductory to new technologies.

Strong analytic skills and vast creativity are some of the key traits that our business development consultants possess. With such skills, businesses would rest assured that the advice and strategies given by the consultants are superior and that any changes do not directly affect short-term sales while improving their long-term sales by keeping the business’s revenue running and creating long-term value.

Have been engaging Nicholas for a year and he was tasked to monetize my business - which I have tried to think of ways to shift and expand. After I heard his advise, I am satisfied and love working alongside with him.

Shawn Teo

“Mr. Tung has been an external consultant to our company Unitest for more than 3 years. We have worked closely and consulted him on various items such as sales management and digital marketing!"

Roger Tan

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