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It is a common misconception that branding and marketing are the same, however, they are not, and a Branding and Marketing Consultant from Singapore can assist to help your brand navigate to achieve better clarity in your brand differentiation.

Branding is important to companies as it makes a memorable impression on consumers. With unique branding activations, your business would be differentiated from the crowded marketplace.
Marketing communication, on the other hand, is the way you communicate your brand and services to a selected customer group to achieve higher brand visibility. The differentiation is part of the efforts of how you set up your branding campaign.

Of course, each tactic’s intention is mainly to get customers’ attention and drive sales, recognition, and loyalty. Sadly, the two are often mixed up, but it is essential for businesses to have a carefully planned branding and marketing strategy that works well with the nature of their business.

It is highly advisable to engage a branding and marketing consultant to provide professional expertise on opinions on the current branding and marketing strategies deployed or improvised plan on how each company can strategize and execute to achieve the highest return on investment per marketing dollar spent.

Branding and Marketing Consultant relies heavily on technical and fundamental data that involves extensive market research, identifying and reorganising strategies targeted at the strength of human capital to ensure that the objectives are met.

In the process, an increase of exposure and conversion rates will be part of the sales increment plan, of course, sales management such as providing advice and at times implementation plan on budgeting, risk management, training and operational excellence will be part of the duties of a branding and marketing consultant.

For business owners who are open-minded, a branding and marketing consultant enables business owners to get a third-party opinion seen from a bird’s eye point of view, and hence be able to propose strategies that are uniquely geared toward the mission and vision of your company.
The importance of branding and marketing comes about when businesses want to set themselves apart from their competitors. No doubt, it is important for businesses to give a conclusive reason to customers to continuously choose them over their competitors.

With the growth of rising competition, it is undeniably tougher in this era to have a loyal base of customers.

According to research, acquiring a new customer can cost five (5) times more than retaining an existing customer. Keeping in mind that the aim is always to win as many customers as possible, and increase the lifecycle of each customer, each branding and marketing effort must be strategic in meeting both new and existing customers.

Having a well-structured strategy that is in line with the vision of your company is especially important. This is where your company and our branding and marketing consultant will collaborate with the entire business function heads and work in conjunction to recognise your company’s needs and visions, all while ensuring that strategies and solutions are tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Our team of expert branding and marketing consultants are equipped with all the right tools and resources to help your company reach its fullest potential.

Have been engaging Nicholas for a year and he was tasked to monetize my business - which I have tried to think of ways to shift and expand. After I heard his advise, I am satisfied and love working alongside with him.

Shawn Teo

“Mr. Tung has been an external consultant to our company Unitest for more than 3 years. We have worked closely and consulted him on various items such as sales management and digital marketing!"

Roger Tan

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