Have you ever felt

frustrated? or depressed?

over your business.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who wishes to grow or transform a new revenue stream (product, service or new venture), but you get ‘butterflies’ at the thought of stepping out.

Or perhaps you’re a CEO or leader who loves numbers, but hesitates because you are unsure if your stakeholders or team members would agree or if your ideas could be realized?

Or maybe you’ve been feeling the pinch of the mundane workload or simply worry about expanding your business as it would mean neglecting your current work scope – you just know you need to expand and want to but you are being fenced up.

Here's the good news, we understand your emotions! We may be able to help!

How can we help

“We are a group of certified consultants. Even before getting certified, our duties were to develop businesses ideas and bootstrapping. We focus heavily on the culture of self continuous learning to ensure that all staffs will be empowered to self-innovate and create a sustainable ecosystem that puts the company profitability as its key priority

A Picture of Oversea Expansion Business Consultant in Singapore

I'm Nicholas Tung.

I'm 32 years of age. I started banging through the walls at the age of 16 and skipped one semester of school to head to Malaysia to venture into what I thought was something bigger and cool. But what happened? I nearly got kicked out and developed anxiety and depression while handling the brunt of my daily activities. (Work and work and sleep and eat) literally in this order.

Over the years, I self-developed my own cognitive process to assist me in developing, maintaining and selling business ventures. I need to admit I am not a textbook person. I indulge in multiple unorthodox methods and never believed in 100% quantitative formulas.

Over the years, I believe that there are a million ways to approach an issue with only one focused objective. Why??

Simple. In this fast-moving society, the key to success is the ability to be flexible, solve problems and promote a healthy working culture to employees. A simple question, if your objective is primarily to profit for your own and not considering to develop a self sustainable model for salary incremental for your staffs, you are just heading down the path of doom..

Nonetheless, don't be mistaken. Perfection is tough to achieve.

However, it is the non-fatal failures that aid your growth and it will deter you from making the same mistakes and that very aspect will become an asset in the future.

I am positive I can help you or your team to be, more profitable, more focus-driven, more united, more motivated and selfless!

You can exhaust yourself trying to be impressive.

I know—you want to mask your fears, self-doubts, and mistakes and get yourself pitch-perfect. I totally get it. We are all humans.

The fear of failure and the uncertainty of losing money could leave a black mark on yourself, stakeholders or employees. My motto is that if you never try, you never know. An external consultant who is able to journey with you is extremely important.

Clients hire me to

generate a business idea or new product or service line

diversify their portfolio (buying into a new or existing business)

validate the profitability of a business idea (investment vs their returns over a stipulated timeframe)

solve a specific problem (usually sensitive and confidential root)

investigate and diagnose a root problem associated to the decline in sales (micro-level)

create business proposals or plan

create or perfect their pitch decks to their audience, stakeholders or potential investors

coach and motivate their staff and team

create a profitable team (training and monitoring progress of sales related processes)

develop a strategy to penetrate a market for product or service base

develop a strategy to work towards capital gain for their businesses

To some extent, I can. (I’m really good with your support!)

No matter whether how much of an expert an individual is, the acknowledgment of self learning and information sharing can accelerate growth. We may need some time to gel the entire capabilities and skillset—which expands their confidence.

But then, I always tell my clients something surprising:

I don’t want you to be perfect.

And here’s why…

“Perfection” takes a long time. It is not logical for you to be perfect in every start of a journey. Agree? The ability to move is the key than never moving.