What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

Author Name :- Nicholas Tung

Best sales trainer singapore September 24, 2019

Some industries just do not work as well as it is supposed to for digital marketing. We will be outlining some of the main contributors in this blog.

Some of the thoughts are purely based on my assessments and it is completely at your own discretion to interpret. Over the past year, I have had the privilege to work with clients from the product and service industry – Low valued and High-Value items.

Often, many business owners agree that no one staff possess the same level of skill in a particular area. The logic is the same as one student applying a “Round-House-Kick” and delivering more impact as compared to another. The technique is the same but we often question, why are the results different?


The Technique story

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

Some may know,  I used to take up Muay Thai in my polytechnic days, although I look skinny, I would like to praise my kicks for being deadly 10 years back. The training was part of my bi-weekly routine and I remembered when I was starting out, my trainer kept making me do the same “Round-House-Kick” over and over again… It went on for more than eight sessions.

During that period, I was just wondering whether I got scammed and I thanked God for the heavy subsidy on my fees. There was no doubt that I was envious of my other seniors who were learning other techniques such as elbows and knees. This carried on for more than 2 months. – Yes… That day came when I finally snapped.

My trainer told me to stop and immediately called a senior who was the same size as me but was 3 years more senior than I was. Honestly, I was not afraid because we were always engaging in sparring sessions in secondary school, and I was excited. The sparring session went on and I have only learned one Muay Thai technique. It was the “Round-House-Kick”. – In my heart I said, ok whatever… bring it on.

We did 3 rounds of sparring, and every single time my senior came forward with whatever fanciful technique he had, some looked pretty fancy honestly… I only returned and delivered that ONE technique I have been practicing for two stupid months. I mean, I can’t possibly be doing “Cow-Boy” Style. – Those were the famous “anyhow whack” style in secondary school.

Guess what? I T-K-O him in the 2nd round. To put it simply, It does not matter how many techniques you have learned, it’s how well you are able to effectively apply the technique. For the next month, my senior and I paid a lot of attention to the accuracy of our kicks to the liver, ribs, and head. I learned a very important lesson and it applied greatly to my business.

Experts around the world would describe the end result as a combination of many factors such as accuracy, strength, and speed. However to me, the key is PRACTICE.

There is no need for you to be so good in every division within the business because it is almost impossible, we are humans, not robots. Some may feel disappointed after hearing this, but self-awareness and acknowledging this fact can help you to GROW, and achieve a higher income.

Focus on one skill-set and make sure you are one of the best and every blow is deadly. To fully master that, just make sure you do it over and over again.

The Internet makes everyone smarter
What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

The bloom of the internet has made everyone smarter. Living in Singapore – which has one of the highest internet penetration rates and holds one of the highest internet users in the entire world, acts as a double edge sword. Information can be easily attained, learning can be done anywhere and everywhere.

This makes the playing field way tougher than before. – Trust me, think about it. Have you followed a proven system of digital marketing if you are in this line of service?

  • ID – Interior Designer
  • RES – Real Estate Agent
  • FC/FA – Financial Consultant/Financial Adviser
  • HT – High Ticket items which the recurring purchase is minimum

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

If you are engaging a digital marketer in any of the industry and let me guess? Your campaign is not bringing you the return of investment as you have expected. You may have given up hope. Before giving up, you could have understood many of the customers are window shopping.

All of us understand that most of the above services tend to fall under the category of high-ticketed items. Some may have the misconception that by applying digital marketing to high ticketing items, it will not work. WAIT, this is not where it ends.

I wish to add that the application of digital marketing still works, the sales funneling, the building of landing pages, doing A/B testing for all the landing pages, investing in Google Ads or Facebook Marketing to drive traffic to attain leads by presenting an irresistible offer, is the most basic fundamentals to launching a campaign.

Well, the philosophy of how digital marketing for these few industries work. However, the psychological purchase for the customer does not work. I would like to highlight that attaining leads is one stage of the sales funnel. It is not everything. – It is up to the duty of the representative who attains the leads to be able to establish his or her authority to the customer, to be able to be given the chance to present the value. I see many gaps along my way as an owner that most sellers are not able to master this art.

Here comes the BIGGEST problem! Sales staff will say, Boss, the leads are crap, it is almost impossible to meet them, they don’t answer when we call, don’t reply when emails are sent, disappear after we speak to them on the phone. Of course, let’s face it, that’s because the customers know that you want to sell to them. Who likes to part with money?

But… they will still have to part with their money to renovate their houses, and they throw in their emails and fill up the lead forms when they are interested, so how can you say “Who likes to part with money?”

The brutal truth is that most only wish to get as much information to get the best deal in the market. If it was you, would you do the same? I would. So that’s the problem. The problem is the purpose and intent of what the leads want. They are going from one company to another to see who is able to deliver the best value.


Moving on…

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

It is sad to say, but since we identified their purpose and intent, we will need to tailor-make the entire funneling process especially for the high ticketed item to what the customers want. As professionals in your own trade, we often deal with multiple deals and often assume that we know best on what is good for the customer, but really?

We do 50 to 100 deals in five years, but the person who is going to commit to you is only given the opportunity to “experience” this for maybe one or two in five years. Do you think they will place their money with you without solving their purpose and intent?


Don’t believe???
What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

The first challenge is that there are so many other competitors who are doing exactly the same campaigns as you are, pouring out the same or even more investment on paid campaigns, doing up more fantastic creatives, offering better promotion – You can’t burn the entire forest with one matchstick.

Going back into the burning of advertising dollars, we have met many company directors and owners who spent tons of money on digital media content building, getting the best impression share on Google Ads, Impressive cost per lead on Facebook and Instagram, deploy re-targeting advertisements and some on Youtube, but as soon as it falls into the hands of the sales representative and the sales journey starts…

Really? – I can tell you, more than 80% will not even reach the first stage of the funnel, let alone walking and pacing the customer through the journey.

I strongly believe that the acquisition of leads is not as important, but converting them into customers is the primary aim. – No brainer right? Wait, don’t be impatient.

What I am trying to say is, PROVIDE useful information to try to make them stay close to you. Over the past years, when I looked back at the value I used to provide when I was focused, I realized I was more concerned about the well-being of what I could provide as compared to what I could take, and that immediately allowed me to flourish.

Don’t ever be afraid of providing information. The true masters who are able to do this are usually the experienced ones, and the experienced one is often not as willing to share for an overwriting fee, that’s because they are smart too. “It is my rice-bowl, really?” I am going to teach you my trade skill for 30 to 50% of an overwriting commission. Hell… I will definitely not.

So what exactly is the problem? The good news is that the problem does not lie with the digital marketing agency, nor the strategy of the business owners who have decided on this. The primary problem lies with the “MIND-SET” of the lead. – All I can say is, the deeper you dive into the ocean, the closer you get.


Have you got it figured out?

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

Yes… The leads who are online are really smart buyers, and smart buyers will only want to speak to people who can offer smart solutions. The principle of law of attraction applies even in business or our normal lives. A smart solution which can separate one servicing agent between another from the firm. In this case, the value delivered to the buyer must not only be related to a surface level deliverable or a “hard” approach sales strategy. The value delivered must be delivered throughout the sales funneling process.

In fact, for smart buyers, I am confident to say that it is way easier to close them by treating them with respect, acknowledging and furnishing them with valuable information, and professionally “brand” yourself as a consultant instead of a designer or sales representative. – Please don’t just put a title on your name card as a consultant. A consultant is knowledgeable, problem-solvers flexible, resilient and determined.


Example…. Who would you buy from?

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

Property agent B just told me this is good because of the new MRT, possibly good rental yield with a definite capital gain, I would be like ok… – It is not that I am not convinced, I would still explore and do the homework for myself.

If property agent A comes to me and tells me exactly after I purchased, based on a credible source on the forecast, that the the capital gain is expected to be a 20 to 30% gain, and from deep research and upcoming forecast that an MRT will be in the pipeline and will be ready in 2022. I will be more inclined to purchase from property agent A. The key is being precise and detailed. – Take note that all of the information should be further supported with proper sources and citations to prevent any legal complications.


What is the key over here?

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

You need to be

  • Confident
  • Knowledgeable
  • Flexible
  • Dynamic
  • Experienced
  • A Problem-Solver



Make your clients or prospect rely on your information. The key is to be able to provide value and the value will be returned back to you. Do not be worried about providing information and being afraid of people stealing your information. If you are worried about these things, you are doubting your capabilities or MAYBE you have nothing? Make sense? A true master is never afraid to share, a true master has the skill and the skill cannot be replicated, so what is providing value in information?

  • Free branding
  • Free reputation
  • More referrals
  • Better company image

So I have presented some guilds, examples of the problems. Let’s look at the solutions to deal with it. There is no doubt that to tackle this market, an extremely important consultant needs to be involved as it requires multiple changes.

To protect some of my clients in the industry, I will only be providing a solution to deal with the problem. In any case.. if you are ever reading through


There is no way to convert a person who has the “MIND-SET” so how…


  1. Invite them into your mailing list

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

For every prospect who is newly added into your mailing list, it is extremely important for the content provider to furnish all the necessary tips to the potential home buyers to avoid and be on the lookout before engaging any provider. Be as neutral as possible. – If the person is never going to buy from you, let’s put it this way, you can take a gun out and he or she will still not buy from you. Let’s try to help someone else out or experiment with other sales strategies with them.

Ensure that you provide at least two articles, infographics or videos relating to the subject which you as an expert feel they might need or want in consideration for their decision making. Cut down the frequency of the content supplies linearly month by month basis. – Please ENSURE that you do not completely remove them out from your mailing list as they may still be opened, and may forward the emails to potential prospects.


  1. Focus only on Prospects that fits your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

Set aside the opportunity to characterize what your sweet spot looks like and manufacture an objective rundown of the customer that fits those parameters. Try not to expect that on the grounds that every customer in your radar fits your ICP!

  1. Using Augmented Reality

What industry need more than Digital Marketing?

Going back into this technology, I believe that everyone will be able to relate deeply to it. –POKEMON. Here is another way in which you can stand out from the crowded marketplace with a little investment. – probably $5,000. A suggestion would be to allow all Namecard, storefront and promotional collateral to be TAGGED with a QR scanner. Take note that as you are creating the campaign, make sure that the AR technology has a back-end for you to keep changing content as frequently as you want, so that it will be worth the investment.

  1. Plan the video and content you wish to build around it – focus everything on the message you wish to share, do not focus on selling but focus on how to differentiate yourself from the crowded marketplace.
  2. Let’s be creative. There will be tons of ideas you can use to boost your personal branding. This will work exceptionally well for industries who rely heavily on personal selling.
  3. Do not oversell when you are presenting your Augmented Reality program to your customers, it should be informative, and the focus should be being able to provide value to the customer. Once you manage to establish your foothold, it is a matter of time where the masses will take up the program to follow you. In this case, you can decide whether to deploy a higher level of AR creativity within the application. – The marketing approach is limitless. This works extremely well for stores, for consultants, for brands who attend roadshows and expo to promote certain products or services.
  4. When handing out your physical name card, briefly share with the receiver that every 2 weeks, new content can be found as long as they scan the QR code on your name card, storefront, or email campaigns. You may entice them by offering a few tips or gifts. In this way, you are able to capture their attention and communicate the message. You can install a tracker to view the number of viewers seeing the program too.


For me… I am doing this for personal branding. So a little bit of background to what I did was to create a simple application on hybrid platform. I created multiple QR codes and printed the QR code onto different platforms for different purposes and target groups.

Some of the codes are meant for educational purposes for existing students, some of the codes will show you a video on who I am and what I have been doing. Some of the codes will be an invitation of the past experiences and invitation to participate in new projects. Of course.. the primary reason for me doing this is for the sole purpose and my target audience is very small but that is primarily because it serves my objectives.