Author Name :- Nicholas Tung

Best sales trainer singapore October 8, 2019

A lead capture page is also known as a landing page or a squeeze opt-in page. This is the page that the customers will land on and the only function of this page is to convert the webpage visitor into a subscriber by giving out their email. This database of email lists will help you send emails to the prospect and.

It is referred to as a squeeze opt-in page because it is put there for the sole purpose of ‘squeezing’ the visitor of the website page into feeling that they have no other choice but to give out their email addresses to the marketer for an irresistible offer.  This is affected by grabbing the attention of the visitor with an offer they can’t resist, a product that’s free or nearly free.

When you’re setting up your first sales funnel it might prove to be overwhelming at first and a little bit tricky to fully making your sales funnel.  But in this chapter, I will show you how to set up a successful sales funnel.



You will need to be very clear on your target audience, you have to know what they want and what they need and how much they are willing to spend on the product. You can begin with a broad subject and go and find the niche as you research through. The more specific you are the higher the chance of conversion rate.

It is vital that after establishing your niche,  sales representatives and marketers must know specifically who you are selling to. This will determine the type of content that they will share and the type of messaging that will go together with it.

Setting goals


Of course, the main objective in marketing is to achieve greater sales for your product, but if you go further, you can set specific goals that will help you set up what you want to achieve. An example is a creation of positive brand experience by customers or usefulness to all of your prospects?

Identifying the right channels


You should look for traffic to your website and the squeeze page.  This traffic is usually important to bringing in new visitors to the website. You should look for places that your target customers hang out online. The options that can be used are:

  1. Social media pages they talk on – both leisure and work.
  2. Blogs and blogs they read and watch.
  • Identify channels they enjoy -include Interest, Youtube, Facebook or, Instagram.
  1. What are the brands they follow? What is this brand’s message to them?
  2. Who are their influencers, they often follow them on channels too?


Applying the right channels

Your target customer needs to be communicated to so that they can visit your website and there are several channels to accomplish this including:

  1. Messaging
  2. Blogging
  3. Social Media
  4. Email
  5. Text
  6. Promoted posts
  7. Paid ads (Think through each channel accurately)

This is a very essential step to the success of your funnel. It is therefore quite vital to invest time and resources for this step. If you have the right budget then you could think of building a following using social media optimization by offering valuable content. If you desire quicker results, there are channels like Paid style such as Face book ads and Google Ad words are Useful solutions.

Content Creation


You should always start by creating or offering free content to your prospects. A good strategy to use is starting by giving the customers the very best content or consultation as the free product. The main objective is to build credibility for yourself and allow the prospect to understand the value you could offer to the table.

This will guarantee them that they made a good move to subscribe to the website or purchase a product or services from you. The free product or services should be related to whatever that you will eventually sell to them. – I would call this the “Building up 222”.  It is important to note that this step turns people from a visitor or stranger into a lead, a precious lead or prospect that you’ll need to carefully nurture and make money in exchange for value given.

The free product can come in the form of small bites, a free template, a cheat sheet, lists of tools, a piece of valuable research, a mini-course or report, easy step by step guides, a deep proven track record or extremely invaluable knowledge on a particular subject. – So far from my experience, high ticketed items, invaluable knowledge is the key to a higher closure rate. For lower ticketed items, constant content furnishing is the key to a higher closure rate.

Obtain leads


For easy lead generation, you should identify your selling points and market these points to your prospects effectively.  On the lead capture page which I will define later, you should list the selling points using bullet points in order for easy visibility. Always bear in mind to use a heatmap even though its costly  This is where the lead capture page comes in. Setting up a landing page where you can obtain an email list is good but bear in mind that there may be a much more effective way of selling for products above $10,000.

Nurture leads

You should clearly show the reader exactly what they are lacking, where is the gap which they have to work on to fill in, how you can assist them to fill up the gap, and clear instructions on what you will need them to do to achieve the target.

Case study 1:

So let’s go back to Justina – Many of you know Justina runs a $xxx,xxx digit business all by herself and after getting direct mentorship from Nicholas, she is on track to hit a $ x,xxx,xxx digit business by the following FY. Her Annual Recurring Rate (ARR) has increased steadily month per month by 10%. Coming back to the success of why Justina was able to achieve?

1. She did not have too many opinions

  1. She followed exactly step by step what Nicholas and Glen told her
  2. She was very caring to her staffs and clients wants (not needs)
  3. She sold only what the clients (wants not needs)
  4. She understood the fundamental principles of investing in her personal development
  5. She is a hard worker and was extremely meticulous

So was Justina a genius?
I mean she was only a 29-year-old lady managing 3 kids + who is managing the business all by her self, she does not run a digital business. She runs a traditional business for your information. All this sounded like she might be smart, clever, high IQ maybe? – Not true at all. I could call Justina out and she can testify. Justina is just an average looking girl who spends half the time talking nonsense to Glen and Nicholas and trying to shop, but the clear difference between her was her ability to listen and move. She did not second question nor did she second doubt.

In this case? Did she have any self-doubt when she was doing this? Of course. Every day, every moment, I mean she has been running the business and now she is going for an appointment and site visit every SINGLE day.

What do I have to say about her case?

Follow those who have made it follow those who achieve a pay grade above you. Don’t try to act smart, don’t try to challenge someone who has earned an income way above yours. It may sound harsh but the truth hurts. I have had people challenging my train of thoughts, disrespecting me while I am giving lessons by not paying attention or playing with their phones! I had people even doubting my ability. – Let me tell you what I want to say to all these people? You can doubt everything about me, but you can never doubt the amount of money which has been made. Everyone knows, to be able to sufficiently acquire the art of income gain, you must master the principle of three (3) things.

  1. Idea Generation
  2. Sales Management
  3. Monetarization Strategies

Wait… I am not done yet. What makes you think that the trainer who has the experience will share all his trade secrets with you?  I believe many will agree that it takes some level of trust apart from money for someone to share something. Like a watch? A car? A house? Something for everyone to think about… This was exactly what was brutally taught to me indirectly me by my ex-mentor. Some of you may know that my ex-mentor is a market mover of a decentralized search engine in Singapore. I don’t want to go into the details of what he owns but he is someone who taught me many arts and crafts.

Let us move on…

You should begin the process of laying out clearly the value that you will bring to the table, what they will be getting from you, maybe something about adopting a different mentality, changing the core principle ideology of selling and farming up and start nurturing them. AND “BANG”, show an offer and situate the offer to psychologically put them in a spot to make a decision.


Prepare an Upsell


Like real life, it’s about taking one step at a time leading the prospect from a cold lead and turning them into a warm lead and eventually a friend. And now it’s time to turn them into paying customers.

Remember to become a customer someone doesn’t need to make a big purchase just a small purchase changes the psychology of the relationship, so at this point, all you need is keep the customer close by engaging with a small one time offer to the customer while preparing them for the core offer.

Present the core offer


At this stage, it’s looking good. Your prospect/customer has gone through a few stages of the funnel which you have planned out and they have taken the journey. They could have received a few Emails, met up for Kopi with you, Send a few Whatsapp Messages on opinions of how the PAP has increased the taxes and some Singaporeans are unhappy because the extra budget surplus is not being spent which they continue to raise taxes making it almost impossible for people like Yi Ling having issues to pay for her BTO with her beloved 3 years boyfriend who would be back end of the year or they have paid for something or made a big-time commitment. It’s time to make them the offer.

Remember they are interested, they have invested, but it may not be the right time to buy at the moment, keep them in a nurturing cycle, share valuable tips and invite them to offline and online events or consistently keep them in your mailing list subscription box.

For starters make them a core offer using a series of 3-7 well-designed emails that land in their inbox over a few weeks… these should be emails designed to help people buy, so think about answering their likely concerns, provide solutions or share testimonials, etc.

Induce repeat purchases.


Once one has purchased from you, a small percentage will be willing and able to purchase other products you offer. Take note that your customers are your bloodline and your friend. There is no need for your customers to engage you or purchase from you. Be grateful, of course, you do not need to physically show intimacy but to express a form of gratification at times. Never ever take your customers for granted and when you do repeated purchase, allow them to understand that their support has greatly helped with your growth.

I do customers who would meet me out of office hours, usually, the younger groups who are more often but the older ones prefer the working relationship to be kept professional. It does not matter. Do not try to do too much to look like a suck-up.

You have to understand your customers, their challenges and how your service or product will help to solve the problems. This is where you will see real revenue growth by being able to sell multiple products to the same customer and most importantly help your customers grow their business.






Spamming is inserting links that are not your subscription form on the squeeze page.  This page should only serve to collect subscriber information and grab the attention of your visitor in whatever product you’re offering. If they have opted-in for your subscriber list, ensure that if you have outsourced your email marketing to another internal department within the Company or external firm, you will need to ensure to schedule your email timeframe. Always pay close attention to your email toolkit to ensure that the open rate vs non-open rate is healthy. The healthy range is 70%. Once it has dropped, you will need to engage or relooked into the content or the frequency of the post. (Barwise& Meehan, 2011)

Losing Sight


The only work you’re tasked to do is to keep the customers close and checking in on them if the department or their work is alright. For those who may find it tough to show concern, a simple message will do. One of the biggest areas which contribute to my success is that my customers know I care for their business and I am aware that their business health directly affects me, this is why I spend time out of working hours to find solutions – This should not be PART of JOURNEY towards selling. You have to give and take.

I spend at least 30% of my time trying to engage with my customers or thinking of their business rather than mine, and the primary reason is I believe that a baby is easily born but to make the baby grow is very tough.