Build the Best Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Author Name :- Nicholas Tung

Best sales trainer singapore October 25, 2019

Old ways of marketing for your business are not viable anymore. Traditional marketing strategies are on a quick decay and in light of current circumstances, new marketing strategies are needed to be adopted. One such new method is Digital Marketing Funnel. Digital Marketing has changed the ways of Big and small businesses and increased sales. So, here are some tips and everything you need to know about Digital Marketing Sales Funnel from the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore.

What Exactly is a Digital Marketing Funnel?

A Digital Marketing Funnel is essentially a mix of strategies and procedures that can support a business:

  • Get more exposure that just develops with time.
  • Accumulate better quality leads that can be changed over easily.
  • Sustain clients well so they share their experience with others.

6 Stages of a Profitable Digital Marketing Funnel


For any brand that wants to grow further, the topmost priority is boosting brand awareness. Luckily, promoting your brand has become easier in the age of the Internet as the majority of your audience is online.

So, digital marketing starts with awareness as your audience needs to know about you before getting involved with your brand. Digital Marketing spreads word about a brand faster than the traditional methods of marketing.


The main phase of the channel that drives awareness causes you to create the required introduction. In any case, when individuals arrive on your site, you have to guarantee that they remain and find your products. As such, you have to keep them on your site until they hit the purchase button.

Provide your customers with discounts and relevant offers so they purchase something and not leave your site immediately. Use an exit popup to welcome your site guests to your email pamphlet. Your objective ought to be to get something from your client before they leave. If not a deal, their contact data. You don’t need them to visit, leave and never return.


If you offer a good experience to your visitors, they are more likely to tell potential customers about your products or services even if they don’t make a purchase. Also, at this phase, the customer is more likely to buy something so all the issues and problems should be addressed beforehand so there are no hiccups in their experience.


Despite the kind of items or services you sell, getting a high conversion rate is the thing that you ought to consistently be going for. Because if you fail to do so, your ROI suffers.

Customer Relationship

If your customer is not valued, they will easily move on to your competitors, so it is important to build a strong customer relationship. As opposed to hoarding your prospects and clients with deals mails, take a shot at giving top-class client care by being there for them. Answer their inquiries, take care of their issues and don’t keep them waiting.


The last step is to retain customers as more customers you retain, more repeat sales you make. Making solid client connections is not an easy task. It tends to be tedious and may require a continuous venture. Yet at the same time, it’s simpler and less expensive when compared with increasing new clients. In the end, it all comes down to what you are providing for your clients to make them stay.

These steps may simplify the digital marketing sales funnel for you but it may not be enough and you may need to consider consistent checking and optimization. As client preference changes, your marketing funnel still needs to be profitable.