Certified Business Consulting Firm in Singapore

We are branded as a certified business consulting firm in the sunny island of Singapore. With our team of experienced consultants who owns several businesses, we focused heavily on a practical approach. We believe that with the cooperation between our clients and our team, we are able to fulfil our deliverables. Our expertise comes under business development and creating new product lines to allow our clients to step up to increase their competitive advantage.

As a certified business services consultant, we are recognized by Enterprise Singapore Government to ensure we perform our works with the best interest of our clients. We take pride and put our clients interest above ours.

Being a business owners, we understand the real-world challenges and issues that entrepreneurs and businesses face. Our aim is to support and help business owner leverage on progressively continuous life long learning mindset. We believe that as a certified business consultant, we pride ourselves into constant upgrading to be able to bring additional value to our clients.

An additional element that we believe strongly is constantly upgrading our network through fostering of greater and stronger partnership and alliance with companies who would be able to value-add to the client business. Most of the time, this includes upgrading of their staffs with necessary skillset and digital transformational mindset.

On the side note, we are committed to the certain of deploying our staffs to our client workplace for up to 6 months to internalize processes quicker, embark on product or business development, focus on cultural management and review marketing and sales processes. The team that are deployed are custom made with specialized skills in respective fields to fill up gaps within the Company. All in all, we only deploy our workforce when the Company requires severe transformation or are profitable and has insufficient manpower to role out product and services to the market.

We believe that through this deployment, as we are fusing our team with the current Company team, it is much quicker for information and communication flow and a once a good synergy is made, its much easier to capitalize on the product and offerings to the market. We understand that not all certified business consultants are willing to do this as their team is lean, but we believe that this is needed to ensure that our clients grows with us.

Our ultimate aim is for our clients to grow bigger and faster, and we are part of their success!

Have been engaging Nicholas for a year and he was tasked to monetize my business - which I have tried to think of ways to shift and expand. After I heard his advise, I am satisfied and love working alongside with him.

Shawn Teo

“Mr. Tung has been an external consultant to our company Unitest for more than 3 years. We have worked closely and consulted him on various items such as sales management and digital marketing!"

Roger Tan

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