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Hi! I’m Nicholas Tung

With over 14 years of Business Development and Sales and Marketing experience in the business industry, Nicholas Tung, a series Entrepreneur based in Singapore has acquired and sold several businesses from various industries.

His past clients include Royal of Brunei, Singtel, M1, Starhub, Facebook Singapore, Mediacorp, CPF board, PUB, Chuan Lim Holdings, Teho International, Resort World Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Tissot, BMW Singapore, Audi Singapore, CNB, DBS Bank Singapore, F1, Yun Nam Hair Care, New York Skin Solutions, London Weight Management, Jean Yip, Sentosa, Garden By The Bay and many more..

Road to Entrepreneurship

Growing up in an average family, Nicholas Tung spent most of his teen years getting caned and nearly got himself expelled from school. Most of his time was spent working part time earning a measly amount of money to fund his Nike shoe obsession. However, an opportunity given to him at the age 16 changed his life as he made $3000 overnight through the sale of tickets.

Soon, he was spending many hours during his polytechnic days to build up his business. Time passed and the results were stagnant but his determination kept him going.

Now, Nicholas Tung runs his own hybrid digital growth firm providing software development, designing, business development, sales and marketing (online and offline) consultancy services. He also coaches many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, and prides himself as an unorthodox business trainer from Singapore, who does not believe in classroom setting teaching.

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Journey With Me

Now, Nicholas coaches business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs and prides himself as an unorthodox business trainer from Singapore who does not believe in classroom setting teaching.

Within a short few months, Nicholas Tung is proud that he has a student who is on track to achieve the plan he has devised for her and has done $180,000 in ARR in less than 3 months.

Nicholas Tung wishes to share and guild aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners on strategies to help them reach their fullest potential and maximize their profit by identifying their problem and finding a solution together with them.

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